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About Marie-Renee

"Marie-Renée graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at Utrecht in 1982 and has since developed a deep passion for painting. Her textile designs and fashion collections have been followed for years. The key to her passion is to think and perform creatively. Marie-Renée enjoys painting human and animal portraits and landscapes, as well as free works. She has regular exhibition in respected galleries both locally and abroad. Her passion is to motivate people and to inspire new challenges by allowing people to discover that they can create."



ADAF - Annual Dutch Art Fair, vr 12 t/m zo 15 oktober

SEAD Gallery - Texas U.S.A. (facebook)
The gallery at round top - Texas U.S.A. (website)

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Marie-Renée Hoeks - +31655760117 - marierenee.nl - mrhoeks@chello.nl