The Creatieve Training

The creative training aims, through diverse creative exercises, to build enthusiasm and motivation.
Starting from this positive awareness you will be stimulated, both as an individual as in the group, to open your mind and come to new perspectives.


There are multiple comparisons between the way the individuals face the creative confrontation and the way they handle challenges on the work-floor. These similarities are highlighted and made applicable in the work environment, both on an individual as on a team level.


The icing on the training day(s) is a collective (or individual) painting on canvas, to be exhibited at the office or at home.
So think creative and act creative! This is achieved with the professional supervision of an experienced creativity coach.

Communication, guts, involvement, enjoyment and action are the key words

Back to work with a new vision and passion
Duration: two to three days


In the workshops an individual or team painting will be created following a tailor made theme or with a (nude)model.
Duration: 2,5 hours

Your own piece of art

Participants will go home with their own artwork!
Extras such as guided bike tours, Museum vistis or boottrips are possible.

Where do the workshops take place?

At the studio, the office, the warehouse, at home, in the garden or at a rented and  inspiring location of choice;
From 55 euro per person

Who preceeded you?

CONTINENTAL tyres, SOLVE, AB Benelux, of art and family clubs. ANWB, Versatel, Zonnet, Roccade, Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis, Mentrum and a variety  of friends and family clubs.

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